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2024 Global Forum - The Business of Hiring - Download now

Latest Live Forum with  HYER

The Business of Hiring

Hyer is pleased to present The Business of Hiring Global Forum Part 2 , bringing together leaders, innovators, and creatives from across the People industry to reimagine the global talent & hiring landscape.


We will be welcoming an intimate group of 70 hand-selected People Leaders from around the world to join us for the onsite event.


You can now download the full Global Forum Part 2. You can join us from anywhere in the world by signing up for the livestream recording below.


What Does Employer Brand Mean Today?

The definition of employer brand has changed and the market has transformed accordingly to represent new opportunities in the way we think about what is talent attraction.  Here, we explore where the hiring and talent all traction industry is today, and where it is going.


How Do We Create Employee Connection?

Connecting with employees now goes beyond traditional team-building exercises or the latest communication platforms. Employees become ambassadors for a company when they feel a genuine connection to the organisation and its values. In the Global Forum, we learn from industry leaders about cultivating deep and meaningful employee relationships that ultimately lead to unparalleled cultures and talent attracting opportunities.

Livestream Details

Date & Time:       26th February 2024* Now available to download

Location:       Global Livestream Part 2. Join us from anywhere in the world

Event cost:       Free to join

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