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A Lesson On Simplifying Your Employer Brand for 2024.

'Less is more.' That's the guiding principle behind People Leaders as we break down the simple, but effective 'must-dos' when it comes to building a streamlined yet impactful employer brand."

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Storytelling to attract talent is nothing new, but how do you tell the right story based on the type of person you want to attract, and not a story that you think everyone wants to hear. There is simplicity and art underpinning the best employer brands in the world. Today, we're delving into the essential elements a company must master before it can even contemplate amplifying its employer brand efforts.


No one understands this better than those in the trenches of talent acquisition - People Leaders. They're the voice behind the scenes, shaping employer brands and practices that don't just attract the masses but entice the very best. Because let's face it, in the race for talent, it's not about casting the widest net, but luring in the right fish.

Learn from within


Impressive employer brands are constructed from within, based on robust company values, culture, and employee experiences. HR leaders can gain continuous insights from new and existing employees by asking them what drew them to the company, what retains them, and what makes the company stand out in the marketplace. Start with your own people, then use this data to build your reputation as a preferred employer. - Kathleen Pai, N-able


Authenticity and Transparency always win.


Honesty, authenticity, and transparency are the foundation and culmination of a strong employer brand. People are drawn to diverse elements that are usually personal and individual. If company representatives are honest and transparent in conveying the culture through the employer brand, they will have a workforce that aligns with their culture. The culture, values, and individuals are unique to your company. - Matthew Brown, Schoox


DEI Initiatives are a must!


DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is a cornerstone of employer branding. When a firm openly takes steps to gauge and enhance diversity, candidates take note. Research shows that a diverse workforce is a key factor for 76% of job seekers and employees during their job hunt. More candidates wish to join a company that resonates with their personal values and is open about their DEI data. - Raghu Gollamudi, Included


Show the bad.


Honesty and transparency are key! Instead of striving for your employer brand to be "100% Awesome," embrace the quirks and peculiarities of your company and promote a "Flaw-some" employer brand. This generally feels more authentic to candidates and is more captivating than trying to pretend everything is perfect. - Andrea Davey, Scout Talent Group


Live Your Branding Each Day

Ensure that your employer brand mirrors the culture your employees experience day after day. Don't rely on your stated values or mission statement. Instead, understand what truly sets you apart for your employees, and display those items externally. You'll not only attract your ideal applicants, but when they join your company, the reality will meet expectations. - Melissa Anzman, bettHR


Maintain Professionalism

Being professional, come rain or shine, is vital. It's crucial never to let a potential hire or client see you unprepared. Let your strong demeanour pave the way for a robust workforce. Never allow the company standards to dip and always strive for more. You'll notice you'll be followed, becoming the beacon that unites the team. - Melissa Bolton, Precision Walls Inc.

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Champion Workplace Development

When current employees feel encouraged and motivated to hone their skills through training, they're more likely to explore growth opportunities within the company. They share employer appreciation in reviews and social networks, reaching future applicants. Along this journey, the employer brand gets fortified through heightened engagement and retention. - Noelle Federico, Delta Hire


Devise Internal and External Strategies

HR should drive, create and nurture culture and stellar employee experiences internally. Externally, a career at your company becomes another offering in your product suite. You need to generate awareness and make your company visible to top talent, embodying and communicating what your company culture is like, similar to your internal efforts. - Jonathan Reyes, Reejig Corp


Establish Your Company’s Values and Culture

Each organisation possesses unique values that define their interactions with employees, customers, and stakeholders. These values should be reflected in the employee experience, making potential job applicants comprehend what it signifies to work for the company. Communicating these values throughout the organisation is essential. - Jennifer Patterson, Patterson Consulting Group

Leverage Events as Marketing Opportunities

Utilise outward-facing HR functions like recruitment, job listings, interviews, job fairs, and networking as marketing opportunities to showcase your company's best offerings. Exploit social media to highlight company DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) initiatives, employee spotlights and other cultural drivers that assist candidates in visualising what it's like to work for your company and what sets you apart. - JacLyn Pagnotta, Rose Associates Inc.


Enhance Your Website's Appeal

Revamp your careers page on your website and social media channels. Ensure the information is precise and display employee testimonials. You aim to attract individuals who will complement your company culture, so it's important to narrate the story of your company's operations and its representation. Collaborate with leaders to identify what's missing and tweak your hiring strategy accordingly. - Erin ImHof, CertiK


Cultivate a Strong Culture that Transforms Employees into Ambassadors

HR leaders should concentrate on cultivating a robust culture that's clear to employees throughout their journey with the business - from hiring to onboarding and training. A business with a strong culture, high engagement and retention will have employees transforming into brand ambassadors who speak highly of their workplace and entice their contacts to join them. - Niki Jorgensen, Insperity


Make Good on Branding Promises

Employers must be genuine in their branding. When hiring, we're "selling" the company and culture to the applicant. If the executive team doesn't live up to the brand tenets, when a candidate becomes an employee, they'll feel as though they've been deceived and will start hunting for a new opportunity. - Patricia Sharkey


Initiate a Mentorship Programme

Mentorship programmes can help companies attract more employees by demonstrating a commitment to employee development and growth. Potential candidates are more likely to apply to companies that offer mentorship opportunities, as it signals that the company values its employees and is invested in their success. - Matthew Reeves, Together Software

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Also included in the top ten - Google, Canva, Starbucks, Delta Airlines and Salesforce. All of the above serve as prime examples of how investing in employer branding brings tangible results. A strong employer brand is essential as it not only sets a company apart in the job market but also fosters a thriving workplace culture.


One crucial insight we can derive from these top-tier employer brands is that news spreads when businesses act with integrity and fulfill their commitments to both current and potential employees. Crafting an exemplary employer brand isn't an overnight task - the most respected ones have been nurtured over time, grounded in a bedrock of trust. Regardless of your current standing as an employer, these uplifting instances can assist you in constructing a pathway toward a more robust company culture and external employer brand.

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