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Employer Brand Breakdowns and the inspiration behind them.

The employer brands that truly shine are those that stay consistent, upholding the commitments made to their existing and potential employees. In this article, we'll delve into the inner workings of 10 globally acknowledged companies, deriving insights on how to create a work culture that employees genuinely love, and showcase it authentically to attract top talent.

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Employer branding is fast emerging as a crucial factor in driving long-term growth, attracting the most suited talent, and keeping your current team engaged. The concept is all about showcasing your company as the go-to place to work - the kind of place where people boast about their fantastic job, incredible colleagues, and impressive office perks. But it's not just about attracting top talent. A strong employer brand also helps keep employees engaged, satisfied, and loyal.


A successful employer brand doesn't require an expensive marketing campaign. In fact, the most impactful employer brands are built on authenticity and transparency. Companies need to be genuine about who they are and what they offer their employees to create a strong and compelling brand.


Here are some valuable tips for creating an employer brand that truly stands out:


  1. Employee Value Proposition (EVP): Identify your company's unique selling point as an employer. Consider aspects like work culture, benefits, growth opportunities, and the impact your employees make. Then, craft a message that highlights these outstanding attributes of your workplace.

  2. Promotion is key: Once your EVP is in place, it's time to spread the word! Share your employer brand on social media, your company website, and job advertisements to attract potential candidates and raise awareness.

  3. Engage your employees: Encourage team members to share their experiences and stories about working at your company. They can be your best brand ambassadors, and there's nothing quite like word-of-mouth marketing.

  4. Measure your success: Keep track of your employer branding efforts. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and use the data to make necessary improvements.


A great employer brand isn't built overnight. At its core, your employer brand is your public reputation as an employer. It takes time, effort, and dedication to earn trust and build a solid reputation. By focusing on the needs of current and future employees, treating them with respect, and offering an inclusive and dynamic work environment, you'll be well on your way to creating a workplace that people can't wait to join.


A recently published list of 10 top companies that have built an incredible reputation for themselves through their employee branding. Lets take a quick look at some of these success stories:



Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company with a strong commitment to ethical values, showcases its dedication through initiatives like producing long-lasting apparel, donating 1% of sales to charities, providing employee activist training, supporting eco-friendly transportation, and fostering work-life balance with flexible schedules. These efforts attract and retain employees who share these values, transforming them into brand advocates. Patagonia's employer branding strategy has proven effective, as its voluntary turnover rate is an impressive 29% lower than the industry average.




Eventbrite has earned a glowing reputation as an employer by demonstrating a willingness to adapt to the needs of their staff. The company overhauled its workplace philosophy during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing flexible work styles to accommodate staff preferences. Employees can choose between working from an office, combining remote and in-office work, or working fully remotely. With this empowering approach, Eventbrite has earned an overwhelmingly positive reputation, as 93% of employees consider it a great place to work.




HubSpot's employer branding centers around a comprehensive Culture Code featuring values like radical transparency, truth-telling, autonomy, and work-life harmony. By clearly conveying these values, HubSpot enables job seekers to assess their fit and encourages employees to embody the culture. This approach strengthens their employer brand, effectively attracting and retaining talent aligned with the company's values.


Marriott International


Marriott International's strong employer branding is built on fostering employee development and growth. The company offers a wide array of virtual and in-person training programs, focusing not only on work functions but also on soft skills, leadership, and work-life balance. Their flagship program, the Voyage Global Leadership Development Program, helps university graduates kickstart their careers in hospitality. Marriott's commitment to growth opportunities has made it a popular choice for career development, with 17% of its employees staying for over 20 years.




Netflix’s employer branding stands out as exceptional. They offer employees greater control over their work schedules and hours, unlimited paid time off, and generous parental leave policies. These benefits stem from the company's emphasis on hiring "fully-formed adults" who excel in a trusting, independent, and respectful environment. By setting high expectations, Netflix appeals to top talent who value such a supportive and empowering workplace.


Also included in the top ten - Google, Canva, Starbucks, Delta Airlines and Salesforce. All of the above serve as prime examples of how investing in employer branding brings tangible results. A strong employer brand is essential as it not only sets a company apart in the job market but also fosters a thriving workplace culture.


One crucial insight we can derive from these top-tier employer brands is that news spreads when businesses act with integrity and fulfill their commitments to both current and potential employees. Crafting an exemplary employer brand isn't an overnight task - the most respected ones have been nurtured over time, grounded in a bedrock of trust. Regardless of your current standing as an employer, these uplifting instances can assist you in constructing a pathway toward a more robust company culture and external employer brand.

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