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A message from our Co-Founder, Josh 

I really want to say a huge thank you to all the companies that have applied! We're so incredibly grateful, and frankly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of exceptional companies that have applied, now close to 10,000 of you. 

We knew this was an important topic - identifying the companies where employees feel like they are personally making a difference to important causes.  But we can't put into words how taken aback we are by the number of applications. Thank you very much - the team is working so hard to get through everything so we can bring this to life.

For the 50 successful companies, we can’t wait to co-create this with you and showcase you to all the world for the next 12 months! 

Side note* the large companies of 1000 employees + have already applied and been accepted and include many household names. That was the easy part, we're so excited by the earlier stage and scale-ups tackling important causes.

Sadly, we can only select 50 companies.

Why is this important for people, for companies, and for the world 

It's really simple - we want to inspire and educate more people to work inside companies that are making an impact, where each person's work can make a real difference to causes they personally care about. Why? We all know what it feels like when we're not connected to our work, it spills into all areas of our life and it's just not fun. The reverse is also true, when we're striving at work, especially for something we actually care about, everything else in our lives feels better! 


What started as just a simple idea, would not be just another vanity award for companies. We truly wanted the Impact 50 companies award to act as the shining light on what a great impact company is - as we showcase these companies to the world and make working on something meaningful to you, the new normal. Much like what meditation was not too long ago until two companies packaged it in a way that reached scale.


To do that, we have to do things differently...


We’re at a time where there is huge momentum behind companies doing good - but we’re still so early. And with any early movement the majority are still skeptics, so to cross that bridge we need to do things differently.


This is where we can flip the question around - why would people NOT want to work in impact? Why would they not work somewhere where they are doing something that they actually care about, with other people who also care about it, inside companies that care about the people that work for them? That's the dream life, right? Surely everyone would want that... yet, the vast majority are nowhere close to finding this at work.


We have to bring this way of living and working to more people, in a new way.


Together, we have the opportunity to make impact companies become the new way of working, the new standard....By making it cool, culturally relevant, and entertaining. Let's meet people where they are, with great storytelling, showing the problems you’re solving and why you're solving them, and bringing in major influencers that everyone admires to highlight them.


It’s clear that people care more about doing good through their careers than ever before.


Everyone says "find your passion", and "find your purpose." So easy to say and so hard to find.


Finding your purpose is deeply personal, we all have the things that inspire and excite us, or the problems we feel the need to solve.

With the Impact 50 companies acting as the beacon, we can give people a tangible way of finding their purpose, showing them what it actually feels like to work for a company that has the same mission as them.


Why we made this so much more than just another award

The team has been working incredibly hard to make sure this is not just another "one-off" award. We wanted to do this with real-world leaders in the space, people like Aileen who leads Impact at Patagonia. So instead of companies vouching for themselves, which lacks authenticity, they will be endorsed by influential leaders - who have vast audiences of their own. Just like any good D2C brand in the modern world. 

We also have partnerships with most of the UK's universities & colleges. Imagine learning about companies that are doing good as a career choice at school, not just the typical corporate options...


Imagine what impact that would have. 

Careers with meaning feel different, not enough people know that. We need to bring it to life and spread the word.


We’re so excited and grateful to be on this journey with you.


Best, Josh & Team Hyer  

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