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tiney is an Ofsted registered modern community of exceptional childminders on a mission to unlock the potential of every child.

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Formed by Brett Wigdortz OBE after his tenure leading TeachFirst – a charity that has worked with over a million children at primary and secondary school age – tiney is setting out to give children the best start in life with quality early years education and a talented team of experts.


Early years and children’s education is currently facing two main problems; a lack of quality education, and lack of care for small children. To flourish later in life, children desperately need both of these. Skills learned in early years such as active play and teamwork, have been proven to be vital in development. The main issue is that many parents simply can’t find early years care that is both affordable, and high quality. The UK government does not invest a lot in early years care, with far less importance being placed on ELC than both primary and secondary. Yet we know that the care and education children get between the ages of 0-5 is even more vital than that of secondary schools. One of the main factors causing the lack of quality ELC is the ratio of qualified adults and practitioners to children. Ideally for under five-year-olds, one adult is needed per every three children. This standard is clearly not currently being met.


During his 15 years running TeachFirst, tiney founder Brett visited many primary schools witnessing children who had not had good early years education. This manifested itself in children who did not know how to play, communicate, interact with other children or talk to adults. He saw children struggling from as early as six and seven years old, and observed a huge chasm between them and their more well-prepared peers.


The brain development of young children is so intense, and there is only a small window to build synapses that will be used later in life. As a parent of three himself, Brett also personally experienced how challenging it is to find great childcare that’s also flexible and affordable. So he decided to do something about it. Together with experienced early years educators, nationally distinguished safeguarding leads and digital tech experts, tiney was born.

Interview with Founder, Brett Wigdortz OBE

tiney is a company on a social mission to ensure every child gets a great education, starting right from the very beginning. A childminding agency helping micro entrepreneurs start small nurseries from their homes, tiney’s focus is on providing support and building a community, ensuring a wide scale of fantastic adults who can provide care and education in early years. Brett describes the family feel of the environments created by tiney as one of the most exciting parts of their impact. 

“When you visit a great tiney setting, it feels like it’s a real family environment where you have a wonderful adult, you have a number of kids who almost seem like siblings to each other, all of whom are working and learning from each other.


It’s a really fantastic feeling in the tiney settings.” 


Brett Wigdortz OBE - Founder

Having spent the last 20 years of his career focused on ensuring every child gets access to a great education, Brett is all about ensuring tiney is doing just that. Whether children do or do not get a great start in life is a huge civil rights issue, and while there are a multitude of other factors that need to be improved and opened up within this, education is a great place to start.


tiney’s team are passionate about what happens with small children, and fighting for a better future for all. This is a problem that can be solved with tech, and Brett argues it’s a problem there simply hasn’t been enough energy expended on thus far.


Something else the tiney team is highly passionate about is staying connected to their mission and impact. They ensure this by spending a lot of time with the childminders, hosting and attending large scale events, visiting the tiney settings regularly, speaking to parents, and even having their own under fives in tiney settings themselves. tiney keeps its three customers equally at the heart of the work they do; the childminders, the parents and the children.


The childminders themselves are a diverse group from a range of different backgrounds, all with one thing in common; they all love working with small children. A tiney childminder could well end up spending half of a child’s life with them, so it’s vital that they really care about the impact they are having. Brett says; “The childminder brings the passion and drive, tiney provides community and business support.”

In the longer term, tiney hopes to become a global solution for early years and to be known as the best early years community in the world.


This is an industry that needs a huge amount of support, and presents a major problem for parents and children all over the world. Aiming to become a brand trusted by parents, where childminders feel they get great support, and where children get a wonderful experience, tiney is hoping to scale with high quality, a high degree of safeguarding, early years education, community, and a feeling that everyone is helping one another. 

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