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This company is changing the face of long-term support for cancer patients

Perci Health is helping those with a cancer diagnosis get the care and support they need on their own terms, and all at the click of a button. 

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Co-founded in 2020 by Kelly McCabe and Morgan Fitzsimons, Perci Health is on a mission to challenge misconceptions about life after cancer treatment while improving things for those living the reality. 

Since their launch in July 2021, they have already had over 550 customers go through their programmes, with reports of immensely enhanced wellbeing amongst patients.


In recent years, huge advancements have been made in the screening and treatment of cancer. With early diagnoses, more people are surviving cancer than ever before. Approximately 60% of those diagnosed will live for 10+ years, with many leading long healthy lives before passing away from something else entirely. While this rapid innovation is undeniably fantastic news, there is still a gap in the support offered to those beyond cancer treatment. That’s where Perci Health comes in.


Co-founder Kelly describes Perci Health as “an online platform designed to support people with a cancer diagnosis in dealing with the wider impact of cancer on their life and wellbeing.” Perci’s network of experts ranges from nurses and psychologists to dieticians and physiotherapists, all of whom are focused on aiding recovery long term. Customers are offered 1:1 care in “virtual clinics”, making every stage of the support feel personalised.


Perci Health is striving to ensure cancer is better managed as a long-term condition, in much the same way as an illness like diabetes might be. Cancer patients can often go from having daily or weekly support to nothing at all, at a point when they still have hundreds of questions. While charities such as Macmillan are incredible at providing this sort of support, Perci wants to go further in optimising the quality of life for those diagnosed as time goes on.

Interview with Perci Health Co-Founder & CEO, Kelly McCabe

“Perci brings together a collective of caring experts who are passionate about reducing the ripple effect of cancer - for individuals, their loved ones, and the good of society as a whole.”

Thanks to the regular access to 1:1 support and expert advice, customers report a significantly reduced rating of how bothersome they find symptoms or concerns after completing Perci’s programmes. These concerns can range from diet and body image to returning to work and psychological resilience. Without getting the attention they deserve, these issues can be crippling for patients. Cancer also does not discriminate, so it’s essential that affordable, evidence-based support is available on-demand to any and all who need it.


Perci hopes this tailored type of care will eventually become embedded as a standard part of healthcare delivery. Looking ahead, specialised digital health providers will likely need to be combined under one unified system. So it is Perci’s hope to be acquired by such a system in the future, and as a result deliver cancer support to a much wider number of people. 


One certainty is that cancer will affect all of us at one point or another. Whether this is as a patient, carer or a loved one, a platform like Perci Health could go a long way in making life so much more than simply manageable.

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Kelly McCabe, CEO & Co-Founder 

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