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The materials science company on a mission to save the environment.

Eco-brand Pangaia is the sustainable fashion brand with the goal to become an Earth Positive business. Pangaia’s business model represents both hope for the fashion sector and a promise for our planet. The London-based company has already grown its team by 310% since last year.

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Brands making clothes in the name of sustainability still represent a minority within the fashion sector; however, this number is growing with even large multinationals implementing (even if timidly) environmental guidelines. The high-end fashion startup Pangaia started three years ago with the mission of embodying sustainability, inclusiveness and transparency. With a revenue of over $19.1M per year, this London-based company has already grown their employee count by 310% since last year. Pangaia’s business model represents both hope for the fashion sector and a promise for our planet.


No matter how hard we try to ignore it, our fashion habits may be having a negative impact on the planet. And as tempting as procrastination may be, knowledge is power when it comes to our consuming habits, so let’s get straight to the point and take our power back. According to the Business Insider, the fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of the world's water supply, and pollutes the oceans with microplastics. In the attempt to tackle this, there are more and more proposals for those who want to get dressed with their minds set on the planet.


Pangaia is one of those few fashion firms that does not have to reorient themselves because they were already born with a well-engraved sustainable DNA. Since its inception, Pangaia has been committed to scientific innovation to offer garments based on biomaterials and plant fibres, as well as recycled cotton and wool. Among the brand’s achievements is a fibre based on seaweed patented as FLWRDWN, an alternative filling to birds' feather made with flowers, a material that took ten years to develop.

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Founded by a vibrant and experienced group of fashion, investment, AR and retail experts, Pangaia’s business model consists of a revenue stream based on short term profit coming from product sales and long term profit from B2B textile sales, materials licensing and brand partnerships for material R&D. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, a cause that Pangaia has supported by donating to relief agencies, 2020 remained a profitable year for this firm after generating no less than $75 million in revenue.


With the daring mission of designing a better future with the community’s support, Pangaia was created not only to offer perfect pieces to achieve an effortless look, but also to help the planet. Under its motto "A Materials Science Company", the firm celebrates its team consisting of scientists, technologists and designers, who are in charge of creating minimalist products based on innovative technology and bioengineered materials. To reinforce transparency throughout the production process, each garment carries a label with blockchain technology that shows the entire history of its manufacture. As many of us know, blockchain cannot be altered, so it is a good method to accurately reflect the traceability of a product by advocating for transparency in the supply chain.

It was a matter of time until Pangaia’s innovative business model attracted investment from renowned names in the environmental movement. According to Forbes, Carmen Busquets, who is co-founder and an investor of Net-A-Porter, is among these names. So is Jaden Smith, the millennial sensation who has also created his own environmentally packaged water product and invested in the meat alternative company Impossible Foods.


Panagaia’s high tech naturalism is one approach to tackle climate change while promoting minimalism in luxury fashion. There is a good deal of reasons for sustainable optimism if this is the new trend for entrepreneurial fashion. As I like to say, when it comes to the challenges posed by climate change, desperate times do not call for desperate measures, but rather for extraordinary innovation and cooperation to design and provide solutions. Pangaia appears to be the first high-end fashion firm to embody this subject from the ground up.

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