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How Orama built a company culture centred on unlocking potential.

In our latest series, we delve into the profound impact a thriving company culture has on overall business success and, how a culture of continuous learning and innovation creates a dynamic atmosphere that empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully, with Orama, the preferred GTM team builders for many of Silicon Valley’s largest funds.

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Orama create and deliver visionary recruitment solutions that enable the world’s most innovative technology start-ups to attract, engage, and build go-to-market and technical teams. "Our mission is to be the number one strategic growth partner to Tier 1 VCs across the globe. Just like the businesses and VCs we work with, we’ve been disrupting the start-up scene since our launch, enabling hundreds of the most successful start-ups in EMEA, APAC, and the US to scale. We help penetrate new regions to increase valuations/revenue streams for earlier stage start-ups and we continue the journey through to their successful exit.

We sat down with Orama to understand how they have created a culture of excellence. 

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How would you describe the culture you're aspiring to build?

We aim to continue building a culture of growth and encourage an ambitious team who are not afraid to challenge themselves, push boundaries and be creative. Collaboration is a key factor in our teams’ success and this is fostered from senior leadership down. We encourage everyone to be ambitious, open-minded and accountable. Embrace and celebrate diversity, and treat everyone with respect.

When we look for people to join us we look beyond qualifications and experience, we look for personality traits and soft skills. This is how we can predict if someone would thrive in our team.  Among these traits are humility, ambition, competitiveness, resilience, and accountability.

We want our team to feel confident in their abilities so they can own their own gig, challenge themselves and others, and focus on achieving their own goals. We want them to feel inquisitive, everyone, regardless of seniority, has the right to be heard and to learn from one another.

Group-wide collaboration sessions have also had a hugely positive impact on internal culture, these sessions provide an open forum setting where people can discuss any successes or challenges and learn from other people's experiences. Knowledge sharing on this level has given people a voice and platform and has built a strong team spirit across the business.

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What makes Orama a special place to work?

The people! Within the recruitment sector, it can be very hard to distinguish one company from another as at face value everyone is providing a very similar offering. We have no hierarchy within Orama which means that every employee can get access and advice from anyone within the business which has enabled fast-track development for both experienced recruiters and fresh employees in the recruitment industry. When hiring we focus on culture fit above experience which has enabled us to maintain the very special environment and culture that we can offer.

We are continually looking to evaluate and improve employee experience and have ongoing initiatives in place covering Learning and Skill Development, Personalised and Individual training programmes, Employee Recognition and Shared Interactive “Open forum” group sessions that enables everyone to add value in helping to shape and enhance the company culture.


How does Orama embrace employee feedback?


We actively encourage employees to provide feedback directly and via confidential surveys. We passionately believe that people need a platform to be heard which enables us to continue to develop and enhance our internal culture. Building a culture of success and collaboration is key to our future growth and we can only build this through listening, learning and adapting what we do based on what our employees think and feel.

How do you see a vibrant company culture influencing Orama's overall success?


Orama Solutions has been built around company culture from day one, we have a very unique culture within the recruitment industry which has been built on unlocking people's potential within a highly collaborative, fun, and rewarding environment. The Orama culture DNA has enabled us to be nominated for several industry awards and also be recognised as one of Europe's top 1000 fastest-growing companies. Maintaining and further enhancing the culture that we have will enable us to continue to scale at pace, offer employees strong career progression opportunities, and enable us to continue to be recognised as a highly respected recruitment partner to the clients that we service.

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