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Headspace introduces new employee mental health app to boost culture 

Headspace is pushing further into their employee healthcare and wellness with mindfulness content and clinical services in one.

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Combining mindfulness content with Ginger’s professional teletherapy, the Headspace app will now serve as the “front door” for mental health services for employees.

Features of the new unified experience include evidence-based mental health assessments and check-ins that inform personalized meditation content recommendations.


On the employer side, organizations receive aggregated insights to prove the program’s efficacy and monitor morale.

Hot on the heels of Calm’s push into clinical mental health programs, Headspace Health is upgrading its services to become a complete solution for a struggling  workforce.

  • More than 275M working days are lost annually due to stress.

  • 80% of employees believe it is the employer’s responsibility to help with mental health.

  • 40% of people are dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues, per the CDC.

While guided meditation struck a chord early in the pandemic, a crowded market and low retention sent Headspace down a different path, merging with workplace-focused teletherapy giant Ginger to form a $3B mental health company.

With the infrastructure (and user-friendly app) in place, Headspace Health seeks to be the authority on organisational, evidence-based mental health.

Burnout is still rampant. As workplace wellness modernises beyond step challenges and personal trainers expand into mental fitness, employers will be looking for one thing in a mental health program: proven results.

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