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Creating a customer-centric culture with Global Resourcing

In our latest series, we delve into the profound impact a thriving company culture has on overall business success and, how a culture of continuous learning and innovation creates a dynamic atmosphere that empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully, with Global Resourcing the security cleared expert provider of innovative talent and resourcing solutions.

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Comprising a team of dedicated, energetic and passionate recruiters, Global Resourcing is the market-leading strategic partner for public and non-profit organisations looking to build diverse and inclusive teams.

Global Resourcing prides itself on being a disruptor in the DDaT resourcing and executive search markets, bringing unparalleled levels of customer service and delivery to a wide range of organisations nationally, with diversity and inclusion at the core.

Removing the moniker of client or candidate, Global Resourcing treats every professional who engages with the team as a valued customer, with a talent solution tailored to their need. The team invests heavily in being the most customer centric business in their market, offering a highly consultative approach that’s set up for long-term success.

Whether it’s for customers or for the team, the culture of the organisation is uniquely designed to bring opportunities to all, offering flexible, bespoke solutions, advice and continuous learning, and insights that enable people to thrive in their careers.


How would you describe the culture you're aspiring to build?

We are on a mission to create the kind of customer-centric culture that is unfortunately all too rare a thing in our industry. Whether it is removing the distinction between clients and candidates, or treating our colleagues as customers, putting others at the very heart of what we do is our most fundamental principle. This helps to drive working practices and values that are totally inclusive, providing equality of opportunity and positive experiences for all. 


We have created a community of like-minded professionals without the hierarchy - just a flat structure populated with mutual trust and commitment to both individual and collective outcomes. People in the Global Resourcing family have complete autonomy over their roles and are trusted to create fantastic solutions for our customers while constantly striving for continuous improvement. Unlike other recruitment companies, we aren’t focused on KPIs, working hours, or micro-managing; we treat everyone like adults and put our customers first, which supports a high-performing culture that has honesty and respect at its core.

Individual and collective learning and development have also always been at the heart of our culture, we encourage the team to read, watch, and listen, before sharing new learnings as a collective. Equity, diversity, and inclusion also matter to us just as much as they matter to our clients, meaning our track record in these areas is unsurpassed. We don’t always publicise the work that we do, but our delivery in these areas and the growing diversity of our own team are testaments to this. 


We love the work that we do in partnerships with our fantastic clients and our passion is palpable. We will always strive to go further for both our customers and our people - because without feeling both totally and utterly valued, we would cease to exist.

Above all, we work hard to ensure that our people feel trusted and proud of their work. They are empowered to make their own decisions but encouraged to work communicatively and collaboratively. It is imperative that the team know that they have the support and top cover when it’s needed, allowing them to push themselves without fear of mistakes. This drives our constant advancement as a business through creativity and innovation. As business owners, we don’t have all the answers, but as a team, there is a very good chance that we do.

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What makes Global Resourcing a special place to work?

What sets us apart as an exceptional workplace is a powerful combination of factors. Our robust reward structure, a testament to our success, is made possible by the presence of the right individuals in our team and their belonging to a group that feels more like a family than a business. The synergy of talent, dedication, and drive has propelled us to incredible success, as our customers very quickly understand how seriously we take their needs and feelings.


In our unique workplace, trust forms the cornerstone of our environment. We empower our team with the autonomy to excel without a focus on KPIs and micro-management, allowing each individual to thrive without the burden of constant KPI monitoring. This dynamic blend of factors makes our company a special place to work, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that every member of our "work family" feels valued, respected, and supported.

The type of people who thrive at Global Resourcing are professionals who always put the customer first through unwavering industry-leading service standards. Our successful team is highly self-motivated, honest, and collaborative, and never afraid to ask for help and support as soon as it is needed.


We don’t shy away from mistakes, as long as we learn from them; we have a real family feel so those joining us should feel like they’re part of something different - a place where we genuinely care about our people, our business, and our customers.



How do you see a vibrant company culture influencing Global Resources's overall success?


A thriving company culture is at the core of our business success, shaping exemplary behaviors, fostering trust, and facilitating effective communication within the Global Resourcing team. Our unwavering commitment to customer centricity, rooted in a culture of transparency, trust, and open communication, empowers our team to be innovative, manage their time in a way that supports their personal needs, and find satisfaction and belonging in their roles. This culture of purpose translates directly into heightened productivity, underlining every action with our dedication to serving customers in an exceptional way. At Global Resourcing, our commitment to diversity and inclusion also fuels our thriving culture, as we strive for an equitable workplace where every individual's unique perspectives and contributions are valued.

Is there a concept you are working on that could create meaningful change in your company's culture?


Absolutely, we are driving a transformative concept of continuous improvement and change, poised to drive the constant enhancement of our company culture and elevate the employee and customer experiences to unique levels. Our plan involves a strategic expansion of external reference points and knowledge as well as open dialogue and customer feedback, harnessing the power of external learning resources and in-house innovation. This initiative aligns with our commitment to continuous learning and growth, infusing fresh perspectives into our culture. Simultaneously, we’re unwavering in our dedication to monitoring and enhancing our reward structure, ensuring it remains a robust reflection of our success and a testament to our appreciation for the exceptional individuals who deliver our ongoing achievements. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains steadfast in this journey, ensuring that every change we make is inclusive and benefits all members of our team.

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How do you embrace employee feedback?

Our approach to integrating employee feedback into shaping our company's culture and policies is comprehensive and dynamic. Our commitment includes regular anonymous surveys, open roundtable discussions, the availability of multiple weekly communication points, and engagement during our regular all-staff events. By utilizing this combination of reference points and by fostering a culture of candid communication and welcoming challenging dialogue, we actively gather insights from our team members on a constant iterative basis to drive not only the continuous improvement of our service delivery but also the relevance and reactivity of our cultural foundations. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion ensures that the voices and feedback of all employees, regardless of background or experience, are heard and considered in shaping our culture and policies.



What have you introduced that has positively impacted your employee experience?


Our impact on company culture and employee experience is rooted in strategic initiatives that foster unity, collaboration, and growth, all in pursuit of the ultimate customer experience. Despite being a geographically dispersed business, our regular all-staff events unite us and are a chance to reconnect and celebrate together. Beyond this, our open round table forum encourages candid conversations, enhancing communication across all delivery areas of our business. We prioritize constant development with weekly learning sessions, nurturing personal and professional growth. We encourage high levels of collaboration, where every voice is valued, reflecting on our commitment to a vibrant, diverse, and united company that elevates the employee experience. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is a driving force behind these initiatives, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and thrive within our inclusive culture.

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