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How Ella Digital has embraced the principles of a 'meritocratic' culture, inspired by Ray Dalio's approach.

In our latest series, we delve into the profound impact a thriving company culture has on overall business success and, how a culture of continuous learning and innovation creates a dynamic atmosphere that empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully, with Boutique Digital Transformation specialists ELLA Digital. 

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ELLA’s purpose is to help businesses and people fulfill their potential.  "We aim to become the ‘digital brain’ of the businesses we serve, ensuring they remain relevant and commercially fit in a rapidly evolving world of increasing employee and customer expectations. We empower businesses and their teams to better serve their customers, drive scale and growth, reduce waste and inefficiency, and ultimately unlock the true potential of the passion behind the business. 


We work relentlessly to provide business owners and their teams with an accessible, actionable and measurable framework that delivers tangible change through the application of overwhelming expertise, tools and technologies. We enable businesses to harness the power of data, remove outdated processes, and deliver new customer-centric experiences. We call it Digital Transformation as a Service." 

We sat down with ELLA Digital to understand how they have created a culture of excellence. 

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“Our culture and crew are the foundation of our success ahead”

Jamie Dixon, Founder at ELLA Digital 

How would you describe the culture you're aspiring to build?

We adopt a meritocratic culture built on the foundations of respect and trust, where we believe anyone’s opinion is valid and that everyone’s voices should be heard.  Our core values of putting people first, building trust by listening, being honest, transparent, and supportive, and putting communication at the heart of our business reflect the culture we are aspiring to build. 


We adopt Ray Dalio’s Principles approach of promoting a culture that values transparency, meritocracy, continuous improvement, and rigorous decision-making. This enhances collaboration, drives innovation, and creates an environment where employees can thrive and contribute their best.

In line with the meritocratic principles, we've introduced a two-way feedback system to encourage employees to provide feedback not only to their superiors but also upwards to leadership. It's a powerful tool for fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, where everyone's voice matters.


Furthermore, our company has embraced a "Learning by Doing" initiative. This encourages employees to take on new challenges and responsibilities, providing them with growth opportunities and helping them learn from hands-on experiences, aligning with the approach of learning through mistakes and failures, ultimately driving innovation and personal development.


Through these strategies, our company has cultivated a culture where individual effort, continuous learning, and collaboration are celebrated. By aligning with these principles, we've not only enhanced our wider company culture but also created an employee experience that promotes professional growth and rewards dedication.

How do you want each team member to feel about their work?

We want employees to feel motivated, valued, and fairly rewarded when working for ELLA, we are committed to nurturing their talents and supporting their wellbeing. 


By creating this environment, we will enable our employees to feel empowered to do their best work and achieve personal success alongside supporting ELLA to achieve our goals.


At ELLA the Individuals who fit well are open-minded, adaptable and willing to challenge existing beliefs. They approach problem-solving with an analytical mindset, using data-driven decision-making and systematic thinking. A collaborative mindset, valuing teamwork and constructive debates, is also beneficial. Ultimately, those who embrace transparency, meritocracy, continuous improvement, and a culture of learning can thrive at ELLA.

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What makes ELLA Digital a special place to work?

ELLA Digital is a unique and vibrant workplace that stands out through its commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and a sense of belonging. Our people-first approach ensures that every team member's voice is heard and valued, creating an environment where collaboration thrives and ideas flourish.


Our emphasis on continuous learning and professional development empowers individuals to reach their full potential, while our diverse and inclusive culture celebrates differences and encourages open dialogue.


Ultimately, it's the shared passion, dedication, and the unwavering belief in each team member's potential that makes ELLA an exceptional and special place to work, where innovation and personal growth are woven into the fabric of our daily operations.


How does ELLA Digital embrace employee feedback?


We operate a number of initiatives to gain employee feedback and have open discussions on culture and policies:

  • Annual employee surveys from which we create action plans to implement selected initiatives suggested.

  • Weekly townhalls / quarterly business meetings where we encourage two-way feedback continuously as employees for feedback on ideas on how to improve culture and working practices.

How do you see a vibrant company culture influencing ELLA Digital's overall success?


We believe that a great company culture is at the heartbeat of Ella Digital's success.


Our culture is characterised by collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence and is the driving force behind our achievements. When employees feel valued and engaged, they invest their best efforts, leading to increased productivity and superior results. This culture of support and growth encourages the exchange of diverse perspectives, sparking innovation that we believe will propel us ahead of the competition.


Furthermore, a positive culture in turn enhances client relationships, as our team's enthusiasm and dedication translate into outstanding service. This also fosters a sense of belonging, reducing staff turnover and attracting top talent.


As our Founder says, “Our culture and crew are the foundation of our success ahead”.

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