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Introducing the Culture Changers Awards for 2023

The game-changing companies of 2023 are those that prioritize their people. The Culture Changers Awards spotlight these forward-thinkers that redefine what it means to be a "People First" organisation.

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“The Culture Changers for 2023 are building and championing a new type of company that puts their people first."


The Culture Changers Awards celebrate companies for their commitments to building a progressive and people-first workplace. Researching and interviewing thousands of companies and tens of thousands of employees to unearth where employees can truly thrive and are backed by their companies.


Designed to create change and accelerate the progress of companies that prioritize building an environment where people feel engaged, rewarded, and excited about their work. This is the type of company you would recommend to your friends and family, the type of company you’re proud of.


The Award winners for 2023 have demonstrated exceptional commitment to their employees and meet verified employee benchmarks that set them apart as leaders in people-first culture. These companies understand that maintaining a truly progressive work environment isn't a mere checkbox exercise. It’s a long-term commitment, a promise to every individual that they matter, that they’re more than just their job title.

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Through a detailed mission to accelerate and inspire outstanding workplaces, we evaluated thousands of companies based on their current and future employee initiatives, results, and accountable commitments to determine their rank in employee sentiment and employee innovation.


Along with an in-depth review of current and future measurements, reports, and initiatives, we developed an anonymous internal survey with a specific set of open-ended questions designed to uncover how employees truly feel about their company without the bias company leaders might promote. This approach brings meaningful efficiencies to the primary research process.


Our ranking system consists of two categories of questions: closed-ended and open-ended. Closed-ended responses include single-answer questions and an analysis of the percentage of employees within each company that participated in the survey. Culture Changers also analyzed the emotions behind over 10,000 employees' open-ended responses and determined if they mentioned specific keywords. Responses were also examined for multiple specific keywords and phrases, and the sentiment surrounding them was analyzed.


The percentage of respondents per company is factored into the final analysis. The survey is a "sentiment" analysis where the vast majority of the weight is placed on the open-ended responses.


Once the survey is complete, all responses are analyzed, datasets are normalized, and bespoke weighting is applied to each category to derive a single score for each company. The Culture Leaders then individually assess companies to identify those that rank highest based on current initiatives and results, as well as future commitments and the employee experience.

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"The Culture Changers aren't simply adapting to the evolving landscape. They are the architects, building foundations for a future where companies are as passionate about their people as they are about their profits."



Through a series of workshops, career fairs, and live events, Culture Changers is actively partnering with universities and colleges to bring to life the importance of a career with value, inside the companies that care the most.
Through our educational partnerships, we're deep-diving into what a great, progressive career and company looks like, shining a light on the leading company examples as a beacon into what a great company culture looks like. By empowering students with the latest news, career opportunities, and knowledge about what a meaningful career looks like, we aspire to empower future company leaders to prioritize the well-being of their people.

Stay tuned as we bring the Culture Changers companies and their stories to the world. 

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