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How Net Talent is re-designing the stereotypical recruitment consultancy model.

In our latest series, we delve into the profound impact a thriving company culture has on overall business success and, how a culture of continuous learning and innovation creates a dynamic atmosphere that empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully, with Net Talent, an IT specialist recruitment company

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Net Talent, founded in 2010, is an IT specialist recruitment company, partnering with start-ups, SME and global corporate companies across the UK placing both interim and permanent opportunities within Data, Digital and technology.


"We work with businesses that seek highly skilled IT and technical specialists often in particularly competitive niche markets. What we do is to focus our energies on these challenging markets and in developing extensive networks of candidates that have high demand competencies, so that we can very quickly identify, match and present highly competent candidates that are often not available on the open market. By working with us, our clients gain competitive edge by having access to recruits of the highest calibre that their competitors don't.


Every day, we work to increase our market share of the IT Recruitment market. We aim to deliver consistently high standards to our key accounts, establish new client and candidate relationships, and build a motivated team who achieve their goals and aspirations with us. We want Net Talent to continue as a profitable specialist recruitment company, building our business within our defined specialist sectors and growing our digital presence."


How would you describe the culture you're aspiring to build?

At Net Talent, we don’t believe in the stereotypical recruitment consultancy model. Our business is based on people – our team, our candidates, and our clients. All of our work is based around the things that make us strong:

  • Our working ethos, where we share information to make sure we get the best result for everyone.

  • Our commitment to growing our team through attracting people who are driven, self-motivated, and keen to learn, then coaching and mentoring them in the way we do business.

  • Our working environment, which we keep informal and fun, with a lot of flexibility.

  • Our commitment to candidates and clients alike.

  • Our reward and promotion philosophy that turns a job into a career.

These are the things that drive us, and that sets us apart. They build and develop a reputation for service and doing the right thing for our people and our customers. We will work tirelessly to earn the respect of all, for who we are and what we do. And for how we do it.

What makes Net Talent a special place to work?

With our new model of hybrid working, we created a 3-day week where we can collaborate and work together for the 3 days in the office.   We have an incredible incentive programme which is a lot of fun and when the consultants are in the office they are all enthused and bring new ideas that we all share along with spinning the wheel for interesting prizes, which can also mean they could be doing star jumps, which is highly entertaining.  We have been working with some of our clients for over 18 years and our consultants have the opportunity to work with very interesting companies whom we have a first-class relationship with.


Celebrating success is what we do very well at Net Talent, it's an important practice that can boost morale, motivation, and overall team spirit. When people feel included, supported, and recognized for their accomplishments, they are more likely to feel valued and motivated to contribute their best work. Our culture leads to increased collaboration, innovation, and overall satisfaction among our consultants.

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What type of person would thrive inside the Net Talent?

It all starts with the people. We are a friendly team, ready to socialise together and celebrate all our successes, we also take our work very seriously – so we expect everyone on our team to support one another, treat others with respect and act professionally at all times.

Being a successful part of our team is not just about your skills as a recruitment professional – it’s about sharing our values and our approach. Each team member shows:


  • Attitude

  • Commitment

  • Work ethic

  • Passion & energy

  • Communication skills

  • Ownership

  • Accountability

How do you embrace employee feedback?


Feedback good or bad is highly important as we ask our clients for this therefore its important we do the same with each of our employees.  We have quarterly and annual surveys for new ideas for both incentives and rewards, what we are very good at is Celebrating Success.  Encouragement, support, and listening to our staff help drive our business and make it an incredible and rewarding place to work.

How do you see a vibrant company culture influencing Net Talent's overall success?


Culture is critical to the success of our business, we have always been very good at hiring the right attitude and supporting individuals to develop into their roles with our in-house training programme. Without passionate, dedicated, and “can do” attitudes we would not have the successful business we have today. 

Not only do we hire great people it is important that we as a business encourage and support all of our employees to ensure we help each individual achieve their own goals and objectives.

Is there a concept you are working on that could create meaningful change in your company's culture?

Encouragement is key in our team, new ideas are always welcomed ongoing training with our “lunch and Learn” workshops is brilliant and each of our consultants take turns to initiate and deliver the workshops.


Learning and having the ability to want to change is highly important as we are in an industry that is fast-paced and ever changing, therefore its important that we embrace change and look at new ideas on a regular basis that will encourage us to learn.  We have invested in a new training programme which one of our consultants is doing in his own time and will roll this out to the company at the end of November which will be well received, I am sure as this will give us a competitive edge over our competitors and be extremely helpful for our clients and candidates.

We have invested in a new training model which we will be rolling out to all of our employees and this will be well received and will enable our consultants to learn more about the roles they recruit for with our clients. We are looking at a new structure in the coming 12 months where some of our employees will have an opportunity to have shares in Net Talent, watch this space!

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